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That's why I love Michael Schenker!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Meat Is Murder!

This is the battle cry of vegans and vegetarians the world over.
I suppose that they are right.
If I had to do the killing myself, I'd be the first to jump on the meatless bandwagon.
But I don't...
And quite frankly, I enjoy the taste of meat.
Besides, what would happen to all of the livestock if everybody quit eating meat?
There would still be some use for dairy cattle and chickens for those who did not give up all animal products, but what of the bulls? The roosters? The pigs? The turkeys? Certainly they would become rather useless in the marketing scheme, save for very few of them. Would we turn them loose in the wild? Could they survive? Would we keep them as pets?
It's definitely some food for thought...
I, myself, will continue to eat meat and support humane farming. Livestock deserve to be treated with respect to the fact that they are living creatures. When the time for slaughter comes, it should be done quickly and as painlessly as possible.
I just don't see our pet cow, Bessie, as something that's gonna happen.


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