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That's why I love Michael Schenker!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

I'm App Addicted!

I used to think that smart phones were just silly.
After all, who needs all of those things on a phone. Phones are for calling people...

Then I got one!

My little My Touch is just about everything I could possibly want, all in one little device!
I can play music and scrobble it REAL TIME!
I never have to pay for a ringtone again, because I've got an app that creates them from any mp3!
If there is any doubt in your mind, I'll clear it away right now. My phone rings MSG.
I've got word game apps, card game apps...
I can snap a photo with my phone's 5 MP camera and post it to my twitter account with my Twitdroid app.
My Weather Bug app keeps me up to date on all things nasty or nice on the weather front.
I can browse the web anywhere.
But the best app yet is the one that downloaded today...
The Aldiko Reader!
Fully adjustable so that my middle-aged eyes can read scads of free e books!
I'm starting with this one:

I've been wanting to read it for ages.


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