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That's why I love Michael Schenker!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

It's Almost Monday

What does that mean?
Nothing good, that's for sure...

Another six days of working for those fucking assholes who don't appreciate a job well done. All that they care about is getting the job done fast, even though I'm not paid an hourly rate.

Another six days of working for the jerk who couldn't even say "i'm sorry to hear of your loss," when my grandma passed away. Good employee that I am, I only took two days off work when I was legally entitled to three. The thanks I get for having consideration for their lack of substitute carriers...
You guessed it! Zip, zilch, zero.

Another six days of working for two fucking morons who think that they know how to do the job that I've done damned near every day for the last 10+ years better than I do, even though they've never done it a single time in their lives. Being a city carrier doesn't counteven if they'd like to think so. After all, city carriers get paid an hourly wage and don't get bitched at for their extra hours.
Six more fucking days of looking at a certain fat, ugly, sexist pig who thinks that I can't do anything right anymore.
Six more days of working for a jerk who can't seem to become a postmaster, so he takes it out on his employees.

Now don't you all want to run and get a job as a rural carrier in my office?!


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