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That's why I love Michael Schenker!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Eight Days A Week

Well, in fact, it's onl six, but it feels like eight.
That's what the USPS has decided that I have to work. They lie and cheat every time that our mail count comes around in an attempt to cut our pay (Rural Carriers are salaried employees). Yes, they increase your postage, and cut our pay...

In my case, they've screwed themselves. Before this count, I was paid for forty hours a week at about $20 per hour and my sub for eight at about $10 per hour. Now I will be paid for forty hours a week at $20 per hour PLUS four hours at $30 per hour (built in overtime). Do the math, postal management! Those four extra hours of mine are equal to twelve hours of my sub working. And since you pay NO benefits to our subs there is no benefit in your doing this at all. You could have saved yourselves some money by letting me opt out of the count and leaving my evaluation alone! You are nothing but a bunch of FUCKING MORONS!
You claim to care about employee morale. Yeah, right! On paper...
Really, I would have been happy if things were left as they were. My sub would have been happy. You would have saved money...
Instead you opt to make my life miserable by taking away my free time, to no one's benefit, not even your own!

The National Association of Rural Mail Carriers has filed a grievence regarding this count. Surely they will win as they have before. Postal management's behavior will once again be called reprehensible by a judge. We will be awarded a large lump sum payment. Unfortunately, you canot give me back the time that would have been better spent with my family and friends. You see, for me, it's not about the money. I seek my riches in better places.


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